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Ready to Go?

Throughout the world, 2.5 billion people are spiritually and physically isolated from the gospel. God is at work among them – how is He calling you to get involved?

Each year we send out Edge short-term mission teams to join in with and learn from the ministry of long-term mission workers. Our heart is to equip you to pursue God’s calling to serve among people with the least access to the gospel - whether you’re looking to gain practical experience of life and ministry overseas, or you want to be trained and equipped to share your faith cross-culturally in your own context.


North Africa  |  Spain  |  Ireland  |  The UK  |  The Balkans

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Want to find out more about an Edge team? Maybe you sense God leading you to apply, or want to chat to someone about it. Whatever's on your mind, we'd love to explore it with you. Drop us a note here and one of our Mission Mentors will be in touch asap.

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What is Edge?

Each Edge team is different! From spending a weekend being trained in cross-cultural ministry in Ireland to spending two weeks gaining first-hand experience of life and ministry in North Africa our prayer is that you will be equipped for cross-cultural mission, however God is calling you to get involved.

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Join a team!

Anyone aged 18+ is welcome to apply, whether you are taking your first steps into cross-cultural mission or you have years of experience!

You will be given orientation and training to help you prepare for the trip, and at the end you will be offered a debrief to help you process your experiences and to think about what God might be leading you into next.

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Where to?

You can see the locations of each of this year’s Edge teams above! Several of these trips happen each year. In previous years, teams have also travelled to:

  • The Arabian Peninsula
  • Croatia
  • Another multicultural UK city
  • Peru
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When are we going?

Edge teams can go out throughout the year, though most of them happen during the summer. You can see the dates for each of this year’s trips above!

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Let's do this!

Depending on the short-term team you join, there are all kinds of ministries you could get involved in:

  • Relational outreach in Muslim communities
  • Helping with a holiday club for refugees
  • Gaining hands-on training and experience of street evangelism
  • Distributing New Testaments at a port
  • Prayer, cultural introduction and language learning
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What does it cost?

Costs of Edge teams vary depending on the duration, destination and price of flights. We aim to keep prices as accessible as possible. Get in touch to find out the cost of a specific trip.

Whether it’s short or long-term, our workers are usually supported by their churches, friends and family. Raising finances might seem daunting, but we are here to make the process as straightforward as possible and provide advice each step of the way!

Looking for a gap year?

Consider our VENTURE programme! A Venture short-term placement embeds you in a long-term Pioneers ministry team for up to a year. You'll live and work alongside long-term missionaries, learning first-hand what real life on the mission field is like.
Venture placements can include:

  • gap years
  • medical electives
  • language placements
  • partnering with us whilst carrying
    out contracted professional work

Contact our Mission Mentor team to explore the best Venture options for you.


Stirred North Africa

When I was told that the purpose of the trip was to pray for the work, I thought, ‘Yes! I can do that.’ I wanted to get deeper in prayer. When I’ve been asked to go on mission trips before, I felt that wasn’t for me, but when I saw prayer, I thought, ‘I can pray.’


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The call hasn’t changed in the two thousand years that separate us from the first mission sending church and their missionaries, Saul and Barnabas. We are still called to Give, Pray, Send and Go. The question we must each ask ourselves if we’re really serious about following in Jesus’ footsteps is, "Which part of ‘Go ye therefore and make disciples’ am I meant to fulfil?"


Teapot Ministry

We can show that we value and honour people by choosing to spend time with them – particularly through showing and receiving hospitality. Spending a day with someone, eating, drinking tea and relaxing provides so much opportunity to speak into their lives, have deeper conversations about God and faith and to sow seeds of the gospel...


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The people in my country welcome you in such an honest raw way. They are so happy to see you and they are delighted to spend time with you. It is cringe-worthy to think of how I unwittingly broke their cultural norms and ideas of politeness yet despite this they chose to embrace me anyway!



Getting involved in cross-cultural mission trips has had a profound impact on me and has shaped the course of my life. As a teenager, spending a week in West Africa opened my eyes to a different worldview and way of life. God spoke to me through this experience and used it to reshape my view of myself, my relationship with Him, and my sense of purpose in the world.


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He said very little, just presented me with a Ziploc bag. The contents looked like shredded paper at first. That is, until I noticed the remnants of a photograph and the distinctive red of a British passport cover. “The dog ate my passport,” he said...